Monday, October 18, 2010

All Dolled Up

This weekend Eva got all dolled up to go to her very first wedding ... She was so excited to get her photo taken with the beautiful bride (can't you tell?) Congrats, Carrie Faye! We all love you so much.
Eva loved getting dressed up and wearing her precious headband that was made especially for her, especially for this occasion by Katie. (Be sure to check out her etsy store, like NOW).

My Little Bean Bag and I kind of even matched ...

Eva did SO well at the wedding. She handled getting passed around like a champ and didn't even get fussy. She slept through the entire ceremony but my girl likes to party, so she stayed awake and visited with everyone through the entire reception and dance.

Daddy and his crazy friends dressed her up like a pirate. She thought it was funny.

Daddy-o and his girl

The girls took her on the dance floor and she loved dancing. Girls just wanna have fun!

She also got to meet so many family members including her Great Grandma Shirley.

I have more pictures to share from the rest of our weekend to prove that we survived (and thrived) on our first family trip but Eva and I are visiting Nana and Papa for a few days so those pictures will have to wait!
Congrats Carrie and Brendan on a beautiful day. We wish you only the best in all the years to come!


  1. She is so beautiful :) Glad you had a great time at the wedding!!!

  2. she looks so good I could eat her right that why I had to find this on the cooking blog? :)

  3. I love the outfit... and you both look fabulous!

  4. OMG! She is absolutley beautiful!

  5. the headbands are cute! i make some too. i'm actually the one doing the giveaway on between the lines! i saw you tweeted...what's your name on twitter so i can follow you?!
    ^check it out!

  6. Meant to comment the other day on your swiss potatos but completely forgot! Anyway, little Eva is simply a doll! Love her dress and headband. Cute blog... new follower!