Sunday, August 30, 2009

Red Pepper Relish

Red Pepper Relish - from MIL
12 red peppers
12 peaches
2 lemons
1 cup vinegar
1 tsp pickling salt
5 cups sugar

Chop peppers and remove seeds. Place in food processor and chop finely.

Peel peaches and chop finely in food processor.

Place in a large pot. Cut lemons in half, pick out seeds and add to pot.

Add vinegar and pickling salt. Boil for 1/2 hr. Take out lemons, squeeze juice back into the pot. Discard lemons.

Add 5 cups sugar, stirring constantly. Boil for another half hour, until thick**. Process into jars.

(To read about the canning process, click here).

Makes 4 1/2 pints (I did 9 1/2 pint jars)

** To test for appropriate thickness, place a small dessert dish in the freezer. Once cold, place a drop of relish on the plate. If it thickens up like jelly, it is ready. If not, continue to boil until desired consistency is reached.

This is a great relish to use as an appetizer with cream cheese and crackers. It's also delicious on sausage, summer squash patties and much much more!

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