Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cherry Sauce

I got the idea to make cherry sauce from (can you guess?) Snow White. Thanks again, girl! I didn't have all the ingredients so I changed it up a wee bit.

Cherry Sauce - modified slightly from Snow White
2 cups sweet cherries, canned or fresh, pitted and halved (I used some that my mother in law had canned in juice)
Juice from cherries
Lemon juice
1 1/2-2 tablespoon cornstarch (depending on how thick you want your sauce)
1/8 cup sugar

1. Drain juice from cherries into a measuring cup. Add lemon juice to 1 cup (Snow White calls for OJ but I didn't have any). Also, the juice from my cherries was almost 1 cup, so I only needed a little bit of lemon juice.

2. Add cherry/lemon juice, cornstarch and sugar to a small saucepan. Heat until smooth and beginning to thicken.

3. Reduce heat to low, add cherries. Simmer for 5ish minutes, until mixture begins to thicken.

4. Remove from heat. Cool slightly. Serve over ice cream.


  1. Oh and psst... so... about those zucchini muffins... :)

  2. It looks good, but I couldn't do it. I hate cherries.

    You are making me hungry though!

  3. yummy!! over brownies... :) bet this is great with lemon juice.