Sunday, November 1, 2009

Seven Layer Nacho Dip

Some variation of this recipe has been found at almost every party or social event that I've ever been to. This is one of the simplest party recipes in the books. But, I always find that it is the biggest crowd pleaser. Everyone loves them some nachos! Sorry about the photo - someone had already decided to give the dip a try before I got a chance to snap a picture!

Nacho Dip
1-2 cups light sour cream
2 T guacamole seasoning (or any kind of tex-mex type of seasoning, if you've got it)
2 tomatoes, chopped
2-3 green onions, chopped
1 green pepper, chopped
1/4 can black olives, sliced
1 cup salsa
1-2 cups shredded cheese (tex-mex blend is great!)

Layer all ingredients in an 8x8 baking dish, starting with sour cream, followed by the vegetables, salsa and then topped with cheese. Serve with Tostito's scoops!

I've also seen this dip made with a cream cheese and taco seasoning base and also refried beans.

What variation of the seven layer nacho dip do you prefer?


  1. Mmm, this just reminded me that I haven't made my 7 layer dip in a million years! It's really only like...5 layers, maybe. Refried beans, then guacamole (homemade, of course!), tomatoes, green onions, sour cream (I mix mine with taco seasoning), and then cheese. MMMMMM! Oh wait, maybe I do the tomatoes and green onions just under the cheese...? I don't really remember because I haven't made it in so long. But now I really really want some!!!!

  2. This seems so easy and who can say no to dip and chips? By the way I updated my settings! Thanks!


  3. I LOVE this dip, I usually put down the sour cream then the salsa, then the cheese and sliced olives on top. Sometimes if I dont have everything I will just use the sour cream cheese and salso or just sour cream and cheese. I like them all.

  4. This is a GREAT!!! dip that I think everyone will love.

  5. Hello! I just found this blog and I am loving it!! I've been browsing all the recipes and can't wait to try something- Great job! :)

  6. I'm not sure if I figured it out. I'm so bad at figuring this blog out! There are so many things to it! Couldn't find the identity thing.

  7. I only like the dips that include cream cheese. Can you make one of those? I heart cream cheese.

    P.S. your pumpkin cream cheese muffins are on my list for this week. I can't wait.