Thursday, November 5, 2009

Did Someone Say Bread?

Thanks to SnoWhite from Joy in My Kitchen, I found out about the Need to Knead 2nd Annual Bread Roundup being hosted by Joy at Joy of Desserts and Tamy at 3 Sides of Crazy.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I love me some bread.

It all started last December when I got a breadmaker for Christmas from my mother-in-law. As soon as I opened it, I vowed not to let it go to waste. I set a goal for myself to make all of our own bread products in the year 2009. You can click here to read about my Kitchen Goal 2009 - the Breadmaking Bonanza!.

Well, so far, so good. We are eleven months into the year and since January 1st, 2009, I have not purchased a single bread product. I have learned so much through this challenge. Most specifically, I have learned that baking your own bread is a) not hard and b) not time consuming. I toss my ingredients into the bread maker, set it on the dough cycle (using the timer if needed), come back when the cycle is complete, shape, let it rise and bake. It really only takes a few extra minutes of each day. And some people may tell me that I'm not really making my own bread since I use the bread maker, but I don't really care. I am doing what works for us and that's good enough for me. I will definitely be continuing this past the end of the year.

As you can see on my sidebar, a large proportion of the recipes I post on this blog are bread recipes.

Although it is very difficult to choose, I decide to narrow down to my top 10 favorite bread recipes that I have come to love in the past year.

In no particular order...
Hamburger Buns
Buttery Bread Machine Rolls
Chewy Pitas
Cheddar Beer Bread
Can you believe I have no picture of this one? Obviously it means I need to make it again!

Harvest Grain Bread
Pumpernickel Bread
Pumpkin Seed Flax Bread
No picture again? What is wrong with me?

Yogurt and Dill Bread
Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread
And because it's just too hard to play favourites, an honourable mention goes to...

Even by choosing twelves recipes, I feel like I'm betraying the rest of the bread recipes, so please, wander over to the sidebar and check them out!


  1. yummy girl! your bread machine rolls are going on my Thanksgiving list :)

  2. Oh yummy! I have been looking for a good hamburger roll recipe. Thank you so much for linking up for our 2nd annual bread round-up. You can be sure there will be a 3rd since there are so many bread addicts out there. :)

  3. I think a bread maker still counts:) I do some of both but lately I have been slacking. Wonderful recipes:)

  4. Oh my goodness. They all look so yummy. I'm pretty much never gonna turn down bread, (which could explain why I can't lose that weight), but I digress.
    I'll take one of each. Hand delivery would be best!! :)


  5. Lucy, those absolutely count, especially since you shape them yourself and bake them in your oven. Basically, you're just using the machine as a mixer.
    You have wonderful breads, here, and I'm very glad to discover your blog, and a person after my own heart.
    Thank you for participating in our annual bread roundup!

  6. Just found you blog! Totally by accident too! I googled Buttery Bread Machine Rolls and you came up. WOW!!! I feel like I hit the jackpot! : )

    I got a bread machine in January for my anniversary. I was excited about making all kinds of bread...but then I found out was pregnant and had morning sickness and other minor problems. Long story short, the baby is now 7 weeks old and in the 10 1/2 months I have made my machine I have used it 4 times.

    But that is about to change...YOU INSPIRED ME!!! I can't wait to read through your recipes and start my own journey of bread making.