Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lucy and Lucky's Favorite Baked Goods

The theme this week at the Ultimate Recipe Swap is Baked Goods. I haven't been doing much baking this week because we're on cutbacks after Canadian Thanksgiving and I am sick so I set out to find my favourite baked good recipe to share on the swap. As I started sorting through past recipes I've posted, I realized there is absolutely no way I can choose just one. So I decided to share a bunch of my favourites.

I'm realizing now that some of these recipes were posted before I was really into this whole food blog thing so I don't even have pictures of some. But, click on the links to see the recipes anyway!

What are your favourite baked goods? Head over to Life As Mom and share!


  1. Your lime square recipe sounds GREAT!!! My hubby loves lemon, but I'm going to try the lime. I think he would love them.
    Your welcome, I like your blog and the recipe are always YUMMY!!! I think this AWARD!!! was something you desire for all your sharing you do on your blog.

  2. You're killing me! (In a really good, but bad for me kind of way) ;)

    I MUST try the pie crust cookies!


  3. thanks for the reminders of all these yummy goodies you have here :)

  4. Wow, I should never have read this post on an empty stomach! The pie crust cookies look so good! I've never heard of them before!